Adventure 52 – Quirky Pallet Shelves

Because my Lego collection took over the entire eclectic buffet cabinet, I decided to give a behind-the-sofa cabinet a try for the misses’ collection of random finds. I’ve always wanted to build one since our sofa is perfect for it. In between projects, I gave myself one day for this one.

Adventure 51 – The Bee A-frame board

Inspired by the art easel I made almost two years ago for the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer campain, I was asked to make a similar A-frame signboard for the Kuala Lumpur based The Bee cafe and restaurant. This was a fun project because the construction is quite simplistic but the 3D letters gave it an extra touch.

Adventure 50 – Modular box cabinet

Two years ago I built a big and very heavy MDF bookshelf for my living room. We moved house a few months ago and we couldn’t take the cabinet with us because it was built in place and I didn’t think things through.. To avoid similar annoyances in the future, I planned to make the new cabinet as modular as humanly possible. We decided to use boxes so we can still use them for other applications if we want something different in the future.

Adventure 49 – Solid Longboard

I had this idea since forever but never came around building a longboard myself. I finally had the time/courage to cut up a piece of wood I saved just for this reason for 2 years..

Adventure 48 – Tropfest Trophies

Tropfest is the world’s largest short film festival which started in Australia and has expanded to the US, Arabia, New Zealand,.. Since 2014 there’s also a South East Asian edition which is held in Penang the beginning of February. I’m not the best director and my acting is quite awkward, so they asked me to make the trophies instead.

Adventure 47 – Shadow box dining table

Since we decided to move from a semi-furnished house to an unfurnished one, I had to make quite a few things. One of them is a dining room table. The misses made it very, very, very clear she wanted one of those shadow box coffee tables to fill with shells, stones, memories,.. I decided to up that idea and make a shadow dining room table, so there’s even more space. Lego, comic books,…

Adventure 46 – Custom coffee tamper handle

 Happy 2015 everyone! This coffee tamper project is one I had to get off my bucket list. Most baristas are very passionate and particular about their tamper’s weight, size and feel, so it seemed like a great challenge to try and make my own.

Adventure 45 – Letter Blocks

George Town Festival is a local month-long festival celebrating arts, performance, people, crafts, culture, EVERYTHING. One of this year’s themes is alphabets so I figured it was time to get these letter blocks off the bucket list and into their shop.

Adventure 44 – Bread display shelves

The previous post featured the big counter for the Rainforest Bakery. Another big element to change the space around is the shelving for the bread. The challenging part of this design is the angle on which the bread has to be displayed and the modularity of the shelves.

Adventure 43 – Bakery shop counter

The beginning of May, the Rainforest Bakery got a total renovation. This is the first of a few posts about the woodwork involved in the makeover. This post will focus on the giant counter, the new center piece of the bakery.