Adventure 52 – Quirky Pallet Shelves

Because my Lego collection took over the entire eclectic buffet cabinet, I decided to give a behind-the-sofa cabinet a try for the misses’ collection of random finds. I’ve always wanted to build one since our sofa is perfect for it. In between projects, I gave myself one day for this one.

I decided to use fingerjointed pallet wood. That way the imperfections in the wood will add to the imperfections in my work and it will all look perfectly imperfect. I cut three pieces to size on the miter saw.ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---2

I cut a few thinner pieces to attach the three pieces together with glue and pin nails.ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---3

ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---5I did this for the three shelves. Two are the same length, the top one is a little longer. ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---6I cut the ends perfectly flush on the miter saw so it’s a perfect fit for the breadboards.ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---11

This is the breadboard, another piece of pallet wood.ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---8

The breadboads will be attached with pocket screws.ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---9 The pocket holes are hidden underneath.ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---10For the vertical pieces I cut different compound angles on pieces of scrap pallet wood, making sure they are all the same heigth once they’re attached. ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---12 ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---13 Ready for a coat of stain to give it an extra rustic look.ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---14 ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---15 The vertical pieces got pocket holes as well. They will be hidden at the back.ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---17 They are attached with both glue and screws. To make it easy for transportation I only attached them on the bottom, they will be screwed to the top once installed.ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---20Bottom piece installed.ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---21 Second layer installed. ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---18 Dry fitting it all together.ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---19


Final Result.

This was a dry fit before a second layer of stain and a little sanding.ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---25 ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---23 ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---24

ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---26 Installed at the house. The total length of the cabinet is exactly the length of the sofa, as is the height. ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---29 ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---28ArthurLamon_SofaCabinet_---30

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